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Family law and mediation specialists

CRM Law is a friendly, cost effective and professional service consisting of experienced solicitors and support staff, helping people in often extremely difficult circumstances.


Our team of legal professionals including solicitors, filex, trained legal assistants, accredited members of resolution and / or the law society family panel, provide a non-confrontational approach to solving

family disputes.

Children's law

We can help to resolve a range of complex and sensitive issues involving children. Common disputes include with whom the children shall live. To settle this in court is what's referred to as a Child Arrangements Order. Another common issue is 'Contact', which considers if regular contact with the children is desirable.

Cohabitation law

Complicated financial issues can arise after a breakdown of relationship between unmarried cohabitants, adding burden to an already stressful time. Cohabitants are treated very differently to those who are married in the eyes of the law, but much can be done to protect your finances. Our team of legal professionals can help you resolve financial issues swiftly, ensuring legal costs are kept to a minimum.

Mediation services

It is not unusual for separating couples to find it difficult to talk to each other constructively, this is especially true when it comes to reaching an agreement on topics such as children and finances. Our mediation process is held within a neutral environment and aims to move your discussions forward, avoiding further conflict and concluding with a legally effective agreement.

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