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CRM Law can help you find an alternative to conflict

CRM Law - Helping you find a way forward

How can we help you as a parent?

As a parent going through separation whether married or unmarried, some of the most difficult issues you're likely to encounter are those surrounding your child's welfare. Often there is a degree of conflict between parents and it can be difficult to find a way forward.

At CRM Law, we have helped many parents resolve their disputes by adopting a non-confrontational approach which has frequently concluded in mutual agreement, thus avoiding further conflict. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, we can apply for a Child Arrangements Order where the court will consider the appropriate outcome for the welfare of the child or children.

  • Contact

  • Child Arrangements Orders

  • Parental responsibility

  • Specific issues

  • Acquisition of legal rights for children by parents and extended family members

  • Financial provision for children

  • Co-parenting agreements

  • Surrogacy

  • International child law

  • Relocation Abroad

  • Private step-parent adoption

CRM Law provides child related legal services including:

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International child abduction and Residence Orders

With people from different countries and cultures intermarrying and becoming more mobile, children can be wrongfully moved between jurisdictions. We can act on a parent's behalf to obtain their children's return.

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